"Everybody's Grandpa" Funky Minds Grandpa Bill

    Who is that man bouncing babies and handing out suckers amidst all of the little ones?  Why, that's Grandpa Bill.  Ellie said it best a few years back, "Oh, that's Grandpa Bill.  He's everybody's grandpa!"  From churning ice cream to old-time radio shows, Bill had interests as varied as the children in his fan club. Woodworking was a talent and a passion.  In fact, colorful bird houses still adorn the streets of Carver from Bill's first visit to Funky Minds over seven years ago.  He is dearly missed and often remembered by his friends at Funky Minds.  Not a gathering goes by without Grandpa Bill's sucker jar making its way around the crowd to the little ones in the hands of an older intern.  The tradition is passed on by the youth Bill influenced.  One of the most memorable remarks made by Bill time and again finds me when I am all tuckered out.  "Why shouldn't life be hard work?"  We have the rights, privilege, and duty to live each day with purpose and service. 
Grandpa Bill's 80th Birthday

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