The Wishing Tree

    Inspired by a Wishing Tree near the lakes in Minneapolis, a mom at Funky Minds suggested we include Carver in the joy of colorful dreaming. 

I wish for pink cowboy boots! * I wish people would not be so judgmental.* I wish to grow up fast and my mom wishes me to slow down.*  I wish I could drive a car.* I wish for peace. *I wish to be a professional skateboarder.*  I wish every community could have a place like Funky Minds. *I wish to be a mom one day. 

What are your wishes?  Stop by the Wishing Tree to share your dreams with others in the community.

Check out the article of inspiration in the StarTribune:

    Interested in making a Wishing Tree near you?  The interns wrapped the base of the tree in green chicken wire to ease process of hanging ribbons.  A reused soda bottle holds permanent markers and scissors. Rolls of ribbon are relatively inexpensive at Micheal's.  Instead of punching holes at the tops of the ribbons, double over the top of the ribbon by about an inch and staple. Run the ribbon through the top loop.  A pinking sheers gives the ribbons a finishing touch.