Cardboard Arcade Day

Proving true the idea that kids can enjoy a box more than the contents inside, Carver kids gathered to create arcade games out of fridge, oven, and various other size cardboard boxes. The event was inspired by Caine's Arcade, a video short well worth a view. A Candy Claw Machine, Skee Ball, and The Bottle Bopper are a few of the games that brought about giggles amid shrills of laughter at Community Park. At left, three kids are hidden in the box shoving soda bottles through the holes as the player "bopped" the popping creatures with a swim noodle. A local sixth grader put her new sewing machine to work to create the brave, furry sock toppers. No doubt the Funky Minds Claw Machine generated curiosity as it made its way through town strapped to the back of an intern's bike. While the box reportedly took quite a bit of problem solving at home, the efforts were well invested at the gathering. The Claw was hit with young customers.